Tailored international meat transport

When transporting dried, refrigerated or frozen meat, you need to create optimal conditions. Our fleet is equipped to provide the highest quality temperature controlled transport of meat. For example, we can regulate the temperature and monitor this remotely using an advanced IT system. Furthermore, we do not compromise on hygiene, which is vitally important in the distribution of meat, poultry and fish. We can thus guarantee the constant quality of your product throughout the entire logistics chain, whereby it retains its flavour, texture and thus value. This makes us your reliable and flexible business partner for tailored meat transport.

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Temperature controlled storage of your meat, poultry or fish

For fast and efficient meat transport, an optimised route and strategically positioned warehouses are crucial. Besides temperature controlled storage for your refrigerated or frozen products, we offer various additional services in these logistics terminals. Here your products can be:

  • Sorted
  • Packed
  • Repacked
  • Sealed
  • Stickered
  • Labelled

Discover our total package of product groups

Thanks to our extensive distribution network in the Benelux and throughout Central Europe, we can respond very rapidly and even deliver the following product groups to the shop within 36 hours. We do this to, from, between and within the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

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