Logistics management to and from Central Europe

At Mandersloot, we specialise in managing the logistics of our clients. This means that we can manage all your logistics requirements, projects and challenges. We always offer a high quality, total solution which is customized to your needs. This means you only deal with one party in the entire logistics chain to, from and between the countries in the Netherlands, Belgiumand Central Europe. Clear, easy and personal. Interested in a reliable partner who can respond to all your wishes and requirements and who really knows what logistics management means? If so, contact us now or request a quote.

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Mandersloot as a connecting factor

Logistics management requires tight planning, streamlined processes and flexible management to ensure that all the processes run smoothly. Based on our 60 years of knowledge and experience, at Mandersloot we understand the art of flexible management. We are happy to share that expertise and be the connecting factor between you, your products and your customers.


A combination of IT, HP and people

To make the logistics chain manageable, we use modern IT solutions. These reduce errors and make our administrative and operational processes simple, clear and efficient. An additional advantage is that it provides continuous online access to real time information, such as Track & Trace of your consignments and the associated transport temperature. Despite increasing automation in the logistics process, it always involves people. Personal contact with you as our client and business partner is very valuable to us. The interaction between the end customers and our drivers is also essential for streamlined transport.


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Would you like to take advantage of our logistics services too? Feel free to contact us using the details below. We will be happy to meet you to discuss your wishes and requirements and the possibilities.

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