Customized logistics services

Some people call it Added Value Logistics, others call it third party logistics. And what do we call it? We just do what we promise: manage the transport of your products to, from, between and within the Benelux and Central European countries. Besides the transport itself, logistics services are often required to fulfill this promise. These services make every transport managed by Mandersloot for you a high quality, customized, total solution, involving one dependable partner in the whole logistics chain. Contact us now for more information about our logistics services or request a quote.

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Logistics services for our product groups

Because Mandersloot provides groupage transport services, you benefit from fast, efficient and flexible transport. By optimally combining staggered consignments, we guarantee short lead times throughout the distribution, whilst retaining quality during all the logistics processes. Your products can be distributed or stored immediately. In either case, we can provide total support because at our modern logistics centres and cargo handling terminals, your products can be:

  • Sorted
  • Packed
  • Repacked
  • Sealed
  • Stickered
  • Labelled


Product groups

Return logistics to, from, between and within Central Europe

Our own logistics platforms in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania ensure fast and efficient transport to, from, between and within these Central European countries. With a network of partners, we can manage the return logistics of different types of packaging, such as EURO pallets and CC / EC trolleys for you, whatever the size of the consignment. Plus, all the administration relating to this flow, including the balance report.

Logistics management

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