Flowers and plants

The logistics of flowers and plants is a challenging market. One in which, thanks to our years of experience, we have developed flexible techniques to differentiate ourselves. We can guarantee that your flowers and plants of any type, every variety and any size, are delivered in perfect condition. Most of the flowers from the Netherlands are exported. As a Dutch family firm, we therefore have a head start in terms of the knowledge and experience required to provide optimal logistics services for the temperature-controlled distribution, import and export of your flowers and plants. With Mandersloot, your flowers and plants reach their destination fast, undamaged and ready for sale.

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Storage of flowers and plants

The distribution of flowers and plants involves plenty of challenges regarding planning, flexibility and punctuality. To meet these challenges, we have our own warehouses located around the main transport corridors. In addition to temperature-controlled storage and crossdocking, we offer various services within our logistics terminals. Here your flowers and plants can also be:

  • Sorted
  • Packed
  • Repacked
  • Sealed
  • Stickered
  • Labelled

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Thanks to our extensive distribution network in the Benelux and throughout Central Europe, we can respond very rapidly and even deliver the following product groups to the shop within agreed time schedule.. We do this to, from, between and within the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

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