Customized refrigerated fresh product transport

The logistics of fresh products like food, vegetables, fruit, meat, etc. is a complex process and therefore a real challenge. It requires a top performance to ensure that the delicate products remain fresh throughout the logistics chain and thus retain their value. To achieve and maintain this high standard, besides following international rules and guidelines, we also apply strict internal procedures and quality controls. We fulfill the international quality IFS-standard, which requires a strict temperature regime and means that our employees must comply with the hygiene and quality standards at all times. Both during storage and transport of your fresh products, we continuously monitor different variables and item specific requirements like temperature. We call that specified fresh product transport.

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Temperature controlled storage of your fresh products

In the logistics of perishable products such as fresh food, the required delivery time is usually short. For an optimised route, strategically positioned warehouses and depots are crucial. Mandersloot offers temperature-controlled crossdocking and warehousing at strategic locations in the Netherlands and throughout Central Europe. Besides temperature-controlled storage, we offer various additional services in these logistics terminals. Here the various fresh products can also be:

  • Sorted
  • Packed
  • Repacked
  • Sealed
  • Stickered
  • Labelled

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Thanks to our extensive distribution network in the Netherlands and Belgium and throughout Central Europe, we can respond very rapidly and even deliver the following product groups to the shop within agreed time schedule . We do this to, from, between and within the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

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