High value products

At Mandersloot, we are specialised and certified in transporting and crossdocking high value products. High quality products which need extra measures to ensure they reach their destination securely. We therefore have TAPA-TSR and TAPA-FSR certification. This means that we fulfill all the detailed security standards for crossdocking and for cargo security during the transport of your high value products. The certificate emphasises our dedication to reliable and professional transport, as well as our drive to exceed even the highest expectations of our clients, at each phase of the logistics chain.

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Secure storage of your high value products

With our TAPA-FSR certified hubs, we can guarantee secure crossdocking. We have warehouses in the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania, from where we can also serve Bulgaria and Slovakia. This increases the security of the entire logistics process. In addition to secure storage and crossdocking, we offer various services within our logistics terminals. Here your high value products can also be:

  • Sorted
  • Packed
  • Repacked
  • Sealed
  • Stickered
  • Labelled

Discover our total package of product groups

Thanks to our extensive distribution network in the Netherlands and Belgium and throughout Central Europe, we can respond very rapidly and even deliver the following product groups to the shop within agreed time schedule . We do this to, from, between and within the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

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